Mare's Legacy is a registered non-profit organization based out of Florida. We are dedicated to helping horses in peril. In today's world, too many horses are starved, abused, or sold at auction, ultimately ending up being shipped to Mexico to be inhumanely slaughtered.
We strive to prevent these noble creatures from entering the "Slaughter Pipeline" to begin with, but most of our horses have come from auctions or meat buyers. We are deeply blessed by each one of the many we've saved so far, and we are eager to heed the call of the many who need our intervention.


Rescue. Rehabilitate. Re-home


Quite often Mare's Legacy intervenes by paying the "bail" for those horses who end up in  "kill pens". At this point, these horses have a matter of days or even hours before they are loaded on slaughter-bound trucks.



Many of the horses we take in  are sick, injured, or seriously underweight. They require the services of one of our trusted veterinarians, along with a daily treatment regime to restore their health to whatever degree is possible. They need vaccinations, good nutrition through the highest quality hay and feed we can provide, fresh water available at all times, and of course, the healing that only love can bring.
At Mare's Legacy, we are committed to providing them with everything they need to help them thrive.


In a perfect world we would have homes set up for horses prior to paying their 'bail', but often the time does not allow for that.  Our priority is to get them to a safe quarantine location where they can be vetted, and then eventually shipped to their new home. Depending on the case, some horses are shipped to Florida to spend time in the Mare's Legacy paddocks.